As Seen On Pinterest – Kid’s Art Supply Storage

One straight forward organization tip I found on Pinterest and knew I wanted to copy was this simple assemblage of art supplies.  I liked that all the supplies were together and could be kept (fairly, all be it temporarily) organized and was a size that a 2 year old could tote around from location to location.  I searched quite a bit on line for a similar bin on amazon and other places with no luck. It was surprising how few boxes there were at a decent price point that had attached hinged trays. Finally after re-reading the original post again for the I don’t know how manyith time, I finally realized she mentioned in the comments that they are from the container store. Yes, sometimes I am a little slow, but I get there eventually…

Art Bin (2)

When I finally made it to the Container Store, I bought 2.  Carson is currently too small for art projects yet, but we have plenty of supplies to fill each bin. I also thought rotating the bins would help keep things interesting, but to be honest that hasn’t really happened. Henry decorated his bin while i wasn’t looking.  and it makes it hard to switch them, as he totally knows which bin is which, but oh well, at least we have a place to store the extras…

Art Bin

While ours do not look nearly as pretty as the original poster’s, Henry and I both really like the bins. They are a great size for him, and he always know where his supplies are and can clean up by himself. I do have my scouts keeping an eye out for a small calculator to add to the bin, but otherwise they are pretty well stocked with items to keep Henry busy for a few minutes or hours depending on his mood.

As Seen On Pinterest – No Cook Mud Playdough

Combining two pins in one, No Cook Playdough and Mud Playdough.  We hadn’t made any playdough since Feb and between it drying out a bit and the dog eating much of it (bad bad bad, the playdough is not good for dogs, and the amount of salt that is in it can be toxic for them, luckily (in that he didn’t go into toxic shock or anything) for us, Buddy just was super super thirsty and peed every 10 minutes for the next 24 hours (rough night)) we needed more.

I thought the brown, mud, playdough would be fun and had seen a post on making a no cook version.  Basically the same recipe, just use hot water instead of boiling the whole thing on the stove.  It does seem to be smoother, and stayed fresh while we played with it the whole day (it was the only thing he did from about 10 -6:30, only taking a nap in between…)


We have moved the process up to the kitchen table as to avoid the dog sneaking some while we are out of the room.  Overall this was a great success, the dog didn’t eat any and Henry had a ton of fun!

No Cook Mud Playdough

From and


  • 2 cups flour
  • 1/2 cup salt
  • 2 TBSP cream of tartar
  • 2 TBSP cocoa powder (or food coloring of your choice)
  • 2 TBSP vegetable oil
  • 2 cups boiling water

Mix the dry ingredients together. Add the vegetable oil and 3/4 of the water.   Mix until combined to a sticky mess dough, adding more water as needed. Let the mixture cool to room temperature.  Roll out onto a well floured surface and kneed the dough until it is no longer sticky and is a nice playdough consistency.

Store in an air tight container in the fridge and play with it as often as desired.


As Seen on Pinterest – A Photo Challenge

It takes 30 – 45 day of repeating a task everyday to make it a habit.  I continue to add to my list of “make this a habit” activities.  From ensuring I incorporate as many veggies from our CSA box into dinner every night (leeks, chard and lettuce in our burritos tonight!) to doing dishes every night while Tim tucks Henry in (totally failed tonight, but I like to think of it as a process…) to working out every morning (umm this one fell by the wayside about 2 months ago, I plan to bring it back sometime in May) to taking pictures everyday, both to capture memories and to work on my photography skills (we are getting there slowly).

While I have done fairly well at taking pictures everyday, they were starting to all look the same; Henry playing out back, Henry working on a project at the table, Henry playing with play dough…

So to change my perspective a little I thought I would start one of the photo challenges I saw on Pinterest.

I decided to use my neglected Tumblr blog as the home for the challenge pictures – I thought it might be nice to have all the pictures chronicled together rather than split up through the week.  I still don’t know if that was the best decision, but it is kind of satisfying to see the pictures piling up all together.

I have added a link on my poorly designed sidebar to my tumblr account. The next habit I hope to master is getting my pictures into flickr each evening as I do posts.

For now I am content with the fact that I have updated the way I save my pictures on the site, so those who want to can easily save a copy of the picture.  Just click on the picture and it will open in its own window. From there, right click and “save as”. Pretty easy! I will slowly be going back through older posts and updating the pictures there as well.

As Seen On Pinterest – Kool-Aid Dyed Play Silks

When trying to come up with a Christmas gift to send with Kai and Mika to Kenya I scoured my Pinterest board inspiration.  Luckily I had pinned a great tutorial on dying your own play silks with Kool-Aid.  Not only are play silks very fun and inspire a ton of creativity, they are also super light and compact easily, a great idea for the expatriates in your life!

Over all they came out wonderfully!  They were a fun and straight forward project.  Henry and Kai even helped me mix many of the colors and put the silks in colored water (one of the many great things about using Kool-Aid instead of more toxic dyes). I had to go to a few stores to get all the colors I needed, but other than that, getting the supplies was easy. (I ordered the 30×30 Habotai Scarves 8mm from Dharma Trading Company per the tutorial over at The Artful Parent). The great color chart from Tried and True made it really easy.  My only complaint is that the “dark yellow” turned to a straight up orange for me.  I unfortunately had already made the true orange, thus the reason Henry has 1 orange play silk.

I bought enough silks and Kool-Aid to make Henry a full set and will take pictures of the process the next time around.  I am sure Henry will want to help out even more than before, making for a fun and probably messy day!

As Seen on Pinterest – Paper Plate Hats

Pinterest is a drug, a very addictive drug.  After only a few months of starting an account I have over 3500 pins of some very inspiring projects.  (Yes I know that there are people with way more content, but for me, that is approx 3500 projects I now want to do, as if I wasn’t overly ambitious already…)

To get myself a little more productive and to make myself feel a little better about the crazy amount of time I spend on Pinterest I thought I would start a “As Seen on Pinterest” segment.  Activities, crafts, recipes or whatever that I make or build inspired by or directly taken from something I pinned on Pinterest.

First up – Paper Plate Hats! I am cheating a little on this one, as I read Filth Wizardy and immediately pinned this project when I saw it in my reader. The only thing I did differently this time was to actually make the project right away.  I thought it was too easy and fun not to and it would give Henry something to decorate and play with that day.  Little did I know he would wear it off and on for almost 2 weeks.  This is him yesterday sporting his hat.