Stupendous Halloween Decorations

… that I will not be making this year.  The internet is full of some really fun Halloween decorations that I am excited to use as Mr Henry gets bigger, but I don’t think I will have the opportunity to get to this year.  So I will be chronicling all of these fun ideas here so that maybe next year I will get the chance.

Plaster Bones from Angry Chicken,

Skeleton Wreath from Mega Spooky found via Craft,

Halloween Mason Jar Lanterns from According to Kelly found via Craft,

Monster Lunch Bag from Whip Up guest blogger Alisa Burke found via Craft,

Witch Gourd Place Cards from Craft,

Candy Corn Treat Bags from The Purl Bee found via Craft,

Snack-o-Lanterns from Pennies on a Platter,

Spider Web Pizza from Weelicious,

Black Velvet Cupcakes with Chocolate Trees from Cheeky Kitchen found via Craft

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