Life with Henry – 10/28/2014

Quote of the Day:

“No Mom! You got it wrong, you don’t know! My dad towd (told) me…”
I foresee this being the first of many conversations that start like this.

Life with Henry 10-28-2014

Bob the Builder himself!

All About Carson – 10/28/2014

Quote of the Day: While saying grace tonight at dinner.

“Fank you four dwinking wader, an’ eating khandi and for Cawrson taking a nap. Amen.”
(Thank you for drinking water, and eating candy and for Carson taking a nap. Amen.)

All About Carson 10-28-2014

Dry run for the big day Friday.

Life with Henry – 10/27/2014

Life with Henry 10-27-2014

Haircut day! Had to go short as he “helped” me start the process a few days ago.

All About Carson – 10/27/2014

All About Carson 10-27-2014

This is now the face he makes when you ask him to smile…

All About Carson – 10/26/2014

Quote of the Day:

Carson: Baby Weah (Leah), we got you a DUMP TWUCK!!!
Henry: Carson, you’re not sopposed to teww her, its a saprise!
Carson (whispering): Miss Mewediff, we got baby Weah a dump twuck!!

All About Carson 10-26-2014

Happy Birthday Leah!