All About Carson – 11/16/2014

Quote of the Day:

Can we pwease go up dhose mountains and say hi to all dhe animaws?

All About Carson 11-16-2014

Throwing leaves.

Life with Henry – 11/16/2014

Quote of the Day:

We don’t have any baby dowws (dolls) in dhe house, so I am making some.

Life with Henry 11-16-2014

Henry with his baby dolls. All cut, by him, from a diaper box. (By the way, there are 2 girls and one boy. He cut the hair off of one, either on accident or on purpose, and it is now the boy.)

Life with Henry – 11/09/2014

Life with Henry 11-9-2014

Learning to read the numbers from the tape.

All About Carson – 11/09/2014

All About Carson 11-9-2014

He loves to use the tape measure, this time it is an actual object he is measuring.

All About Carson – 11/08/2014

All About Carson 11-8-2014

Getting lessons…