Sundays with Henry – Stop Motion Movies

Henry is our story teller. He seems to have inherited the gene from his Great Grandma Jan and Great Grandma Karma. Though, his process definitely leans towards Karma’s, in that he will jabber and continue the conversation not caring who he is talking to or whether the audience has rotated through once or twice (or as was often Karma’s method, through all of the grandchildren and significant others in attendance that day.)

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All About Carson – 05/23/2014

Quote of the Day:

Carson: “Mommy hep (help) me pwant a garden.”

Mommy: ” I will be right there, I am going to finish putting the pictures on the computer so that Momba and Poppy and Mama and Papa can see them.”

Carson: “Oh gweat idea Mommy!”

All About Carson 05-23-2014

Our first egg!

Life with Henry – 05/23/2014

Quote of the Day: After seeing some baby geese at the lake today.

Henry: “What would happen if Pecker (the chicken) started waying (laying) eggs, and dhen dhe eggs hatched and dhere were baby chicks?”

Mommy: (Just as I was about to explain that in order for there to be babies, there needs to be a mommy and a daddy…)

Henry: “What if a rooster came into our yard and dhen Pecker started waying (laying) eggs and dhey HATCHED!”

Mommy: ” There aren’t any roosters that live by us, so I don’t think that will happen.

Henry: “WHAT?” (his new favorite response). “What if it came from Ardenwood?”

Mommy: “Ardenwood is pretty far from our house, I don’t think that would happen, there are a lot of streets and freeways between us and the farm.”

Henry: “What if dhe rooster dug a tunnel? And dhen he came into our yard?”

Mommy: “Chickens don’t really dig, I think that is unlikely.”

Henry: “What if dhe rooster was weally weally cwever (really really clever) and dug a tunnel?”


Life with Henry 05-23-2014

This afternoon, after getting back from the park, we found a surprise in the chicken coop! Hopefully there were no clever roosters involved.

Life with Henry – 04/14/2014

Quote of the Day:

Henry: Knock Knock

Mommy: Who’s there?

Henry: Banana Peel, it’s freezing out here!

Life with Henry 04-14-2014

Play dough before dinner.

Cooking Dinner in the Garden

Doesn’t that sound romantic? “I was just cooking dinner in the garden.”

Cooking Dinner in the Garden (2)   Cooking Dinner in the Garden

We have reached the end of week 5 with no kitchen and the end of Tim’s first week out of country. So, when it is homemade, these days dinner is usually made out back, on a borrowed camp stove (thanks Ted and Jeanine!!), and generally consists of something on pasta or something in a burrito. But tonight, in a fit of inspiration (albeit fueled by guilt for not using any of the garden produce yet this spring and letting 90% of my broccoli go to seed) I gathered a handful of greens, the last of the broccoli (left the artichoke for another day), added 6 eggs from the store and an onion from the CSA box and proceeded to make an egg scramble dinner. Once I told the boys that most of the veggies came from the garden they gobbled it up! We added oranges from our tree for a side dish and I felt like I might actually have it together. Then I looked at the rest of my house (hello pile of dishes in the laundry room) and crawled right back into my overwhelmed shell. But for that one hour of harvesting, cooking and eating dinner, I felt like I was back into my normal kitchen grove. Cooking outside tonight was actually quite relaxing. Had it been about 5 degrees warmer (spring evenings are still a bit chilly), it would have been perfect. With warmer evenings and longer daylight hours I foresee cooking more dinners outside this summer, even when the kitchen is done. Ideally these meals will utilize more produce from the garden. I guess that means I should start planting my spring and summer crops…