Life with Henry – 1/3/2016

Life with Henry  1-3-2015

Learning to skip rocks!

All About Carson – 1/3/2016

Quote of the Day: “Wet’s go ‘ome and cawl everwyone on dhe phone an’ tewlw (tell) dhem we went on a big hike!”

All About Carson 1-3-2016

Carson’s favorite way to hike :).

Life with Henry – 05/13/2015

Quote of the Day: “But when can I build it?”

The desire, skill and determination in this kid to build, make and create is so inspiring. It’s also very overwhelming at times–ok most of the time, thank goodness he doesn’t have power tools. Yet.

Life with Henry – 4/25/2015

Quote of the Day: “I fink we should do wrock, paper, scissors. I am going to be wrock, Carson, do you want to be scissors?”

Life with Henry 4-25-2015

We busted out the sketch pads today. Henry traced his plane and then added the details. 🙂

All About Carson – 4/25/2015

Quote of the Day: “I wanna be a wapper!”

All About Carson 4-25-2015

Carson’s version of being a “wapper”.